Production CNC Milling

Power Equipment Success Story

Our customer is a large supplier of stamped and formed metal components that supplies a prominent OEM in the Power Equipment Industry. Often, stamped components need secondary milling operations to ship the completed part to the end user OEM.


Our customer had a single source for an important secondary machining operation on a stamped component they needed to provide to their OEM client. Unfortunately, production lines were often disrupted because of quality concerns and missed deliveries. The current machining supplier was struggling as their milling process was out of control.


The Montague Manufacturing team was able to engineer a different way of processing the part on their CNC equipment to ensure that non-conforming parts could not be produced or shipped to our customer. Critical process changes were made using spindle probing technology, which eliminated the possibility of the part being mis-loaded in the CNC machine. In addition, Quality systems were put in place to insure no un-machined part could be shipped to our customer.


We are proud to say that over the last five years, we have shipped over 5,000,000 parts to our customer without one quality rejection. Most importantly, our customers’ relationship with their OEM client was repaired and has been long lasting because of the level of quality and delivery they have received from the Montague Manufacturing team.