Precision CNC Machining

Aerospace Success Story

A global fastener company specializing in proprietary thread locking technology approached Montague Manufacturing for help machining some customer specific fasteners used in the aerospace and satellite industries. These parts were made from Inconel, Titanium, and 304 Stainless Steel. All these parts had special threaded blind hole features that made the machining exceptionally challenging.


Montague’s industry leading OEM customer did not have the internal capability to produce the threaded features needed on difficult to machine alloys for their very important aerospace customers. After many months of attempting to produce parts internally, they needed a supplier that could manufacture the parts at the right price, with the right quality, and deliver to them in the time promised.


The manufacturing and engineering team at Montague has many years of experience in machining difficult alloy metals, and specifically, small threaded features in blind holes. Montague was able to use their workholding knowledge, process capabilities, and high-speed drilling and tapping CNC machines to produce the parts required.


Montague’s ability to produce difficult to machine parts allowed our customer to grow their revenue over a period of five years and capture more market share in a very competitive industry. The goal for Montague is to be a value-add partner to all our customers, enabling them to expand and grow their businesses. Our investment in the right people, combined with the right equipment, has allowed us to develop highly specialized milling skills to serve our customers well.