Precision Machining

Electrical Connector Components Success Story

A Fortune 500 OEM company specializing in conductors and connectors approached us to manufacture a component used by a global automation and robotics supplier. The part was a near net shaped cold-formed part that needed precision milling secondary operations.

This high EAU cold-formed electrical connector had several dimensional features that required the right manufacturing process to run at acceptable CPK/PPK levels, as well as tight finish and concentricity callouts.


Our customer had a goal of running the part internally on a CNC Lathe, but after many months of development did not achieve the desired cycle time or process control they had hoped for. This was causing two major problems for our customer: late deliveries due to longer than estimated cycle times and significant costs in labor and scrap due to quality concerns. The part is made from a high-grade copper alloy, so these costs were significant.


The Montague Team went to work and created an out-of-the box milling solution using a 5C Collet system on a rotary trunnion table. This fixturing solution was combined with Montague’s high speed, pallet switching milling centers. The customers original Lathe cycle time was 80 seconds. Montague was able to create a stable process with a cycle time of 18 seconds. A reduction of seventy eight percent! Parts per shift increased from approximately 400 to 1,700.


The result was Montague took over production of the part and our customer was able to deliver quality parts on-time to their Fortune 500 OEM Customer.